To Market, To Market

It’s been all about marketing, image design and choosing fonts. I’m thanking all the theatre gods for our designer, Sammie Lovatt, who is endlessly enthusiastic, creative and positive: considering how difficult we’re making her job. (She will never get to see the cast at work in character before the performance; I never thought how that would hamper a designer. Happily, she’s happy to work with me and the script, has a terrific sense of adventure and creativity in truck-loads, and she really ‘gets’ the play. She’s also making the dog,which is ridiculously exciting!

How to communicate what both the play and our technique are about? We tried kooky images, with photo-bombing dogs (celebrating the rogue dog in the play), bloody daggers, disguised girls, forests and outlaws all vying for position. The dog photobomb idea bombed out, so did most of the danger and dagger images (too R&J), but what we have we now love: classical silhouettes of two lovers (very Jane Austen-esque) with a spaniel silhouette between, with a red rose and a splat of blood for romance and danger respectively.  Choosing the font is also tricky – not too flowery, not too utilitarian; nice and clear and classy… I say again, thank goodness for Sammie!

Strap-line crafting has been a right giggle. ‘A romance with a dog’ was great, until we realised it sounded very dodgy. Then everything started to sound dodgy, until we put a comma after ‘romance’. I love punctuation!

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