Voice training classes and workshops in London

Why is voice training so important?

The voice is the actor’s most valuable asset. Voice training gives actors the ability to express themselves with all the height, depth, size, strength, delicacy, texture, that their imagination can conceive.  Just as dancers, singers and artists practice and hone their craft on a daily basis, the actor’s instrument also needs regular training and maintenance.

An actor who has easy access to their voice, and understands its power and complexity, can reflect an enormous range of emotions, ideas and desires through it and more effectively and gracefully communicate these to their audience.

How do classes and workshops in voice better my acting skills?

Working with your voice will make you a more expressive actor; if your voice can go to more places, you have a broader range of things to expose. It will also enable you to make yourself heard in challenging locations; if you want to perform outdoors, you need a strong voice. If you want to perform on the Olivier Stage at the National Theatre, you need a strong voice. If you want to play a farmer on Emmerdale, used to calling across fields, you need a strong voice. Also, voice work will help you to tackle the most challenging and desired roles. Want to play Cleopatra?  Cleopatra needs a voice that people will listen to. Want to play Henry V?  Henry has a lot of challenging speeches to give. Voice work will help you with all of these.

Why choose voice training classes and workshops with the salon:collective?

Our voice teaching works closely and supportively with you, to help you identify what is holding your voice back. Our classes combine technique with imaginative, stimulating exercises to help you discover not only how the mechanics of your voice can be improved, but also the range of things available for you to express.

Where can I take voice classes and workshops in London?

Most of the salon:collective’s workshops take place at the Cockpit theatre, between Edgware Road and Lisson Grove, near Marylebone in Central London.

Voice training tutors in London

Voice training classes at the salon:collective are taught by resident expert and top London voice teacher Dewi Hughes.


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