Frankie and Shyanne are the stars of their very own movie, they just don’t know it. Shyanne was the apple of her daddy’s eye, until her momma went off the rails.  Frances was “Daddy’s little girl” but deep down inside knows he’s really “Frankie”.

Could it be that just around the corner, the good times will roll?

Love. Accept. Believe.

A Thelma & Louise for our times


A terrific and fascinating play


Creative and Production Team:
Writer – Mike Elliston
Director – Dominic Kelly
Assistant Director/Stage Manager – Preece Killick
Design – Kevin Jenkins
Lighting Design – James Pharaoh
Sound Design – Christina Kelly

Shyanne – Rayna Campbell
Frankie – Isabelle Bonfrer

Suitable for 14 years and above. Contains strong language.
A co-production between the trailer trash and the salon:collective in association with The Quarry Theatre at St Luke’s, Bedford.