‘See you Sunday!’

As this week has sprinted past, every final verse-nursing session has ended with the same three words: ‘See you Sunday!’ It seems so strange now that the event which for so many months has been far, far away on the horizon is suddenly looming. It looks different close up, but I can’t be worried now.

I do have attacks of, ‘What have I forgotten?!’ and I have no second chance at redemption if I have, as there is one show and one show only. The only reason I’m not a gibbering wreck right now is because that’s been happening for months, and I’ve pretty much conditioned myself that it’ll all be fine. Whatever it is it what it will be, and it will be grand.

They lurgy passed during the week (just about), along with some final sorting out and clearing up jobs: an incredibly sparse cue script for our lighting guy (Chris Lince of the Cockpit), who’s basically going to be pretty jobless on Sunday (houselights down, houselights up about sums it up for him) and sorting out some of the backstage docs. And a marathon session of writing up, printing out and sealing the prop letters for the play. I’ve done a nice round dozen, to make sure we have enough. It’s one of those plays: lots of letters passing round, and a pair of rings getting swapped. (Must go and find those…) I also bought about enough food for two weeks and packed both fridge and cupboards. Siege mentality has taken over.

I know it’ll be great. Every player is deeply into their lines, fully committed to their moments, their bit of the story. The energy from new players tagging into and out of the story will be phenomenal, it won’t let up for a moment, nobody really has time to get tired. Verse-nursing is done. Dewi and I will probably be testing each other tonight. I suspect we know each other’s lines now; I’ve heard him doing his so often that I even know what they are when he’s doing them under his breath now. Oh the joys of meter, thank you Will, for that unforgettable ear-worm rhythm.

The props are bagged up. The hair products have been hunted out. Make up is ready for the day, and party clothes for afterwards. All lists and scripts are printed and ready. Ready as I’ll ever be. One more sleep (if I can get to sleep). See you on the other side…!

PS: just got really excited as ticket sales are officially 11 from sold out…!

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