Shakespeare Classes and Workshops in London:

Why is Shakespeare still so important?

William Shakespeare is not only acknowledged as the greatest writer in the English language, who helped to create theatre and plays as we know them today. He was also a consummate man of the theatre, deeply committed to writing, acting and the practical day-to-day side of running a theatre. As poet and player, he created characters that actors still want to play, with his unequalled use of expressive language and ability to get right under the skin of all aspects of human interaction, relationships and reactions. Those characters are part of stories that audiences still want to be told, with language that we all want to speak, or to hear.

How would classes and workshops in Shakespeare improve my acting skills?

Working with Shakespeare requires the actor to use all their skills: shaping characters, using and owning the stage space, establishing and maintaining close connection with fellow actors, as well as working with powerful, rhetorical and expressive language. Shakespeare’s writing is a masterclass in all acting skills.

Why choose Shakespeare with the salon:collective?

Our Shakespeare teaching works closely and supportively with the text, opening up the technical supports for actors written into the text to inform and enable the performer. This is combined with elements of the Meisner Technique, melding together technical language discoveries with truthful connection to the human experiences of the characters. This gives the performer and the audience the best of all worlds: confidently understood text being used by an actor working with emotional truth from moment to moment to create a living human experience.

Where can I take Shakespeare classes and workshops in London?

Most of the salon:collective’s workshops take place at the Cockpit Theatre, between Edgware Road and Lisson Grove, near Marylebone in central London.

Shakespeare acting tutors in London

Shakespeare acting classes at the salon:collective are taught by resident expert, dramaturg and director Lizzie Conrad Hughes.

Classes in Shakespeare as well as Meisner, Physical Theatre and Voice

Shakespeare Workshops

Shakespeare Workshops

Unlocking:Shakespeare – an introduction for actors

Unlocking:Shakespeare – an introduction for actors




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