Exploring Viola Spolin’s ‘Where’ Exercises from Improvisation For The Theatre we will approach how to fill the audience’s imagination with a sense of where your character is in your physical environment, how you can build a world on minimal props, and how to develop a detailed visceral imagination of your character’s world. This work is fundamental to creating a natural environment when there is no set provided.

Who is it for?
• Actors wanting to develop their awareness of the use of their own physicality in relation to their performance space
• Actors wanting to improve their physical confidence and freedom on stage
• Actors looking to engage a greater level of both discipline and freedom in their physical performance.

How does it work?
• Experiences in building a detailed world on minimal or no props.
• Explorations of Physical Sense Memory and Substitution and the effect it has on the body.
• Development toward a detailed visceral imagination of your character’s environment
• Constant supportive and individual feedback.

What will you gain from it?
• A focused approach to the development of the actor’s use of environment.
• The exploration of ‘Visceral Imagination’ and honest and engaging ways of communicating the five senses to the audience.
• An enhanced understanding of how to be clearer and more understandable, while at the same time becoming more free to play.
• Opportunity to test your skills through monologue and scene work.