Salon:lab assisted 15 writers over two years in developing pieces for stage and film and gathering feedback from audiences at rehearsed readings. At least half of these were actors moving into performing their own work. Several went on to full production.

Spring 2015, So and So Arts Club

The Glass Coating by Sanee Raval

salon:lab again helped one of our actors to realise a creative vision in bringing a new work to the stage. Sanee Raval drew on his science background for The Glass Coating, which he was developing shortly after completing the salon’s Meisner training.. His intention is for a multimedia extravaganza exploring the ethics of the laboratory alongside the workings of the heart with reference to Indian mythology.

Developed with actors Arinder Kaur, Yusuf Bhaimia, Marc McCardie, Andrea Luiana Bonfim and Sandeep Garcha.

Fats and Tanya by Lucy Gallagher

We are also worked with Lucy Gallagher and Ravi Meah, whose Fats and Tanya explores the relationship between a Muslim social worker and her most stroppy client, an abused young mother with London Irish roots. Fatima draws on the stories of her childhood in Bangladesh as she finds common ground with.

Developed with Arinder Kaur and Louise Devlin.

Fats and Tanya was subsequently produced and staged by the salon:collective at the Camden Fringe 2015.


June 2 2014, French’s Theatre Bookshop

Peru 2 by Mike Elliston

The middle section of a ‘mini-series for stage’ influenced by the values of HBO TV drama and set in Peru, Illinois.

“Dom examined parts of the script with a forensic detail that knocked me sideways off my perch (in a good way). This accelerated my own process in a turbo-charged way. It was like allowing the right and left sides of the brain to have a conversation.” Mike Elliston

Lifeline by Rosanna Lyne

It’s Valentine’s Night at the telephone counselling service, with life’s disappointments and despair very much in evidence. And that’s just the staff. Carefully crafted rhythm pulls this tragicomic world into shape.

The End of the World by Clive Walker

Vic and Barbara’s post-nuclear world gets bigger (briefly) when a stranger comes to their door. For a piece staring death in the face, there’s a lot of laughter.


December 3 2013, Conway Hall

Who’s Got Your Back? By Bonnie Adair

More from one of the first salon:lab writers as she explores the barriers to true sisterhood.

Dagenham Dave by Stew Mott

Further development for this tale of three generations of an East End family and time to fill in the gaps in the family history.

The End of the World/Dancing in Red by Clive Walker

A middle-aged couple bicker, threaten and cajole their way through an average morning: at least, average since since the nuclear fallout started. Barbara distracts herself with cleaning and Vic with world domination from his garden shed, but they cannot escape their fate.


July 24 2013, The Cockpit

Spite by Nicholas Phillips, directed by Lewis Reynolds

A dark and witty journey through blind dates, crazy nights out and therapy sessions, with the salon’s artistic director, Dominic Kelly, in the cast.

Leontes, King of Sicilia adapted from The Winter’s Tale and directed by Lizzie Conrad Hughes

Introducing a new silent character, Lady Jealousy, who illustrates the erupting emotions within Leontes and provides a context for the first act of The Winter’s Tale.

Virgin Mary by Geraldine Brennan

The first outing for a solo work which made it to Camden Fringe in 2014 without too many delays and cancellations. Mary is a social worker in the wrong job and on the wrong train, leading her fellow passengers on a journey into off-peak hell.

June  26, 2013,  The Cockpit

Fitting In by Kate Farrow

Relationship troubles played out by a couple and their daughter in a tortured domestic dance of words and movement.

Scenes of a Sensual Nature by Jo Romero

New material for the Camden Fringe 2012 hit, featuring a self-help guru and his befuddled acolytes, including Brabantia  whose goddess is awakening.

Pub Monologues by Michael Luke Walsh

The first showing for Michael’s character studies of men in pubs, which later pulled crowds at Camden Fringe 2014 under the title Local.

‘I have never been able to judge a script by reading it but only through performance, and so too with my own work. Through salon:lab I have begun to look with fresh eyes and to apply what I have learnt from character development to story structure and editing.’ Michael Luke Walsh


May 29 2013, The Cockpit

Who’s Got Your Back? By Bonnie Adair

Sisters Becka and Caitlin and friends navigate their way through the aftermath of the 2011 London riots 

Our Kid Jesus by Alex Clarke

A teenager on a deprived Manchester estate emerges from a fainting fit as a faith healer. Her mum Linda finds it hard to cope, but Linda’s best friend, who has cancer, is intrigued.

Dagenham Dave by Stew Mott

The trials of East End boy Ryan, his Asian best mate, his racist brother, his mother and the girl who pushes his buttons. Plus how mental health oppression and racism affects three generations.