Reading Shakespeare is like reading a message in code. Codes can be broken.  Pick the locks and open the door into Shakespeare’s text – once you’re in, you’re in!

This short introductory course will give you the tools to open up any Shakespeare text and let it live.

Who would do this course?

  • Anyone who wants a way into Shakespeare for the first time
  • Anyone wanting to improve their Shakespeare text skills

What do you get?

  • A comprehensive and flexible system for approaching Shakespeare’s text
  • An opportunity to get to grips with vocabulary, pronunciation, meter & rhythm, sounds, metaphors, maybe even rules of three, apposition and end-stopping!
  • The chance to find out how each text discovery can feed your performance and have Shakespeare himself direct you as one actor to another – he knew what actors needed and he made sure it was there in his texts
  • Personal attention and feedback from an expert specialist tutor