Reading Shakespeare is like reading a message in code. Codes can be broken.  Pick the locks and open the door into Shakespeare’s text – once you’re in, you’re in!

This short introductory course will give you the tools to open up any Shakespeare text and let it live, breathe and surprise you.

Dates for the next Shakespeare courses will be announced in 2019

In four sessions, from the very beginnings to a fully performable and coached monologue, this course will give you the tools to open up any Shakespeare or classical text and let it live. In a researched and developed process, based on the clues Shakespeare himself embedded in his First Folio texts, it will go so much further than just pentameter. You will be offered a comprehensive and flexible system for approaching Shakespeare’s text that gives you both security and absolute freedom to rebel, all without the academic elitism that is so often attached to his work.

Whether a beginner to Shakespeare, or looking to rediscover the work, you will find depth, freedom & bold behaviour streaming of the page and into your body! You may never look at Shakespeare the same way again!

Who would do this course?

  • Anyone wanting a non-academic but rigorous approach to classical text
  • Anyone who wants a way into Shakespeare for the first time
  • Anyone wanting to improve their Shakespeare text skills

What do you get?

  • Fours sessions culminating in a performable and coached monologue
  • A comprehensive and flexible system for approaching Shakespeare and classical text
  • An opportunity to get to grips with vocabulary, pronunciation, meter and rhythm, sounds, metaphors, maybe even rules of three, apposition and end-stopping
  • The chance to find out how each text discovery can feed your performance and have Shakespeare himself direct you as one actor to another – he knew what actors needed and he made sure it was there in his texts
  • Voice and physical training toward performance
  • Personal attention and feedback from an expert specialist tutor