Slam-dunk the board!

Get more buy-in, motivate staff and give your communication skills the edge.

Need to get multiple stakeholders on-side with a difficult message? Take your leadership and communication skills to the next level through this series of 5 workshops using: vocal work, storytelling techniques and authentic communication skills.

This course culminates in a half-day workshop in a West End theatre to put your new skills to the test – make the boardroom seem like a walk in the park!

Ideal for:

  • Managers who need to make an impact whenever and wherever they present
  • Managers of teams of people
  • Managers of cross-functional teams needing to deliver results in a challenging business climate
  • Newly promoted managers needing to manage-up effectively
  • Managers needing to motivate different stakeholders with multiple agendas

Format – 6 weeks

5 weeks of classroom-style learning (max 8 participants). 3 hours per week.

Final week – Half-day Masterclass Workshop in a West End theatre to turbo-charge your presentation and in-the-moment problem solving skills.

Course Content:

  • How do I present myself? – Identifying (un)known habits and breaking them
  • What is my personal communication style? – freeing your natural communicator
  • Celebrating failure – uncovering the hidden value of communicating “mistakes”
  • A Story to Remember! – Learn why master storytellers have endured and how this is relevant to your business success
  • “How much time do I actually have?” – Not only coping with the limits of communication, but turning them to your advantage
  • Body language and the voice – what you need to know for the corporate world
  • Use your space! – awareness of your environment and how to maximise it

Making it Real

This course will culminate with a half-day masterclass in a West End theatre to:

  • Learn presentation skills relevant to a large space; make the boardroom feel like a walk in the park!
  • Receive on-the-fly instructions to simulate last-minute deadlines while maintaining clarity of communication
  • Consolidate what you have learned and develop a strategy for your ongoing success
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