Dates for the next Shakespeare courses will be announced in 2019

How to perform Shakespeare without rehearsal (impossible? It’s not!)

A challenging and illuminating course based on the clues Shakespeare’s First Folio texts offered his own company. For actors with experience of studying and performing Shakespeare.

This is Shakespeare as you have never played it before. We combine a raft of specific skills for decoding Shakespeare’s directions embedded in the First Folio text with a performance workshop. After an introductory session to teach you the approach, you are given your lines and cues to learn (but only yours: you don’t know the entire text). You have two hours of one-to-one verse nursing from the specialist teachers, you come up with a costume (agreed with your verse nurse), return three weeks later and perform! You know what you have to do and say, and you’ll encounter your scene partner for the first time – but how will they affect you? What will they say? This is acting in the very heart of the moment – and it is a truly amazing experience.

Who might this course appeal to?

  • Actors who have some experience with Shakespeare, but feel there may be something more to discover
  • Actors who want to hone the skills they already have and take their acting to the next level
  • Actors wanting to challenge themselves and push their performing boundaries into new territory

What do you get?

  • Specialist 1-on-1 Shakespeare “verse nurse” tutoring from expert Lizzie Conrad Hughes
  • Specialist 1-on-1 voice tutoring from expert Dewi Hughes
  • A comprehensive system for approaching and performing Shakespeare’s text using the First Folio
  • Personal attention and feedback
  • A performance workshop with like-minded, dedicated performers
  • Potentially, the opportunity to continue the work and perform whole plays with the company using this method.


Note: This course is NOT suitable for complete beginners with Shakespeare; you must have previously studied and performed Shakespeare.