Ideal for cocktail parties, festivals, weddings and themed events.

“The best show of the day” Sophie Tarrant, Milkonline

What do you get?

An ensemble of actors performing scenes and sonnets by Shakespeare. The audience is engaged through immersive performances, flexible in format. We have performed at cocktail parties, outdoor markets, in parks, in traditional theatre spaces and at themed events.

Audience numbers:

General public within earshot of the performers, or we can adapt the format for any gathering.


Highly flexible: Markets, pavements, parks, offices and traditional theatre spaces or private homes/gardens.

Performance length/restrictions:

Approximate performance time: 40 mins (the performance can be repeated a few times during an event).

If you’d like a more formal presentation, perhaps with live music, just ask. We have successfully performed in intimate spaces and private homes.

Examples of possible look/feel options: