Be a more instinctive actor.  Introduction to the Meisner Technique and the Repetition Exercise

Thank you…I loved Meisner Stage 1, I discovered so much (including how much I still love acting) and can’t wait to continue

Clare SzembekActor

One of the most fulfilling things I've ever done.

Mark Kelliher

The truth of ourselves is in the root of our acting

Sanford Meisner

The Meisner Technique is a deceptively simple acting methodology, which grounds you in the reality of doing. In Stage 1 you will be taught the first aspect of the technique, the repetition exercise. This exercise will challenge your blocks and conditioned behaviour, allowing fuller, less restrained and more truthful behaviour to be explored. You will be guided throughout this course to learn how to bring more of you to your performances.

Helpful and easily applicable tools will be taught to you to help fight self consciousness, enabling you to get back out of your head and engage fully in the moment.

Throughout the course you will be taught how to connect to your own emotions and those of your acting partner. You will also learn how to make bold truthful decisions, and expand your emotional range.

Who could benefit from this course?

  • Actors who feel out of practice and want to re-hone their skills
  • Anyone seeking a systematic approach to acting
  • Actors looking to unlock their emotional potential and conquer self-consciousness

How does it work?

  • Practice working moment to moment with another actor
  • Focused feedback and individual attention
  • A supportive environment to explore personal challenges
  • Small classes with a non-judgmental atmosphere

What do you gain?

  • Become more emotionally available, enhancing your versatility as an actor
  • Learn to respond honestly to external impulses
  • Become a present and truthful actor

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