Open up your physical acting, identify and challenge your own physical habits and connect deeply with characters in ways we often never have imagined. Classes will explore Body Alignment, Status, Physical Character Work, Neutral Mask, Comedia dell’Arte and Scene Work. This course is designed to explore character and challenge the physical limits of the actor. Participants will be offered opportunities to identify character types that may be physically difficult or confronting and find ways to explore, find freedom and perform as these characters.

Who might this appeal to?

  • Actors wanting to develop their awareness and use of their body for character in performance
  • Actors seeking to explore characters they might find difficult or uncomfortable
  • Actors looking to engage a greater level of both discipline and freedom in their physical performance.

How does it work?

  • Experiences that help you identify work with you natural traits.
  • Learning how to remove your own physical agenda from a character and come to discovery from a point of ‘zero’.
  • Exploration in large scale character archetypes through mask, improvisation and game play
  • Individual scene and monologue coaching to bring this work to life

What will you gain from it?

  • A focused approach to the development character from a physical viewpoint
  • An understanding of how physical character can fuel the imagination and the actors emotions in real time
  • An enhanced understanding of how to be clearer and more understandable with your character, while at the same time becoming more free to play