Excuse me I’m here!

The average workplace can be a difficult environment to allow your communication skills to flourish.  Enroll on this fun-filled approach to finding your inner communicator and let your message make more impact. 

Who is it for?

• Freelancers without access to work-based training
• Anyone with a fear of presenting
• Anyone who struggles to get their point across
• Anyone needing an extra edge to help with that next job interview or promotion

Course Content – What will you learn?

• How do I present myself? – Identifying (un)known habits and breaking them
• What is my natural communication style? – unlocking your natural communicator
• Managing “mistakes”.  How to communicate the good with the bad
• Taking people on your journey –  learn why storytelling has endured through the ages and how this is relevant to the world of work
• Planning your time when communicating – learning how to pitch it right.

Making it Real

This course will culminate with an exercise to simulate an interview and/or presentation environment to enable students to consolidate their learning from the course.

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