Craft your ideal monologue and perform it in a mock audition.

Choose the Shakespeare piece that suits your casting and polish it over six weeks.

Working with a specialist Shakespeare text and acting tutor, Lizzie Conrad Hughes, you will learn foolproof skills for approaching Shakespeare’s text, and techniques for bringing a speech alive in the highly pressurised environment of an audition, culminating with a mock audition in front of an agent or casting director.

Who might this course appeal to?

  • Actors who have never encountered Shakespeare
  • Actors who feel rusty and are looking to brush up their skills
  • Actors who want a new audition piece and practical experience at presenting it
  • Actors who want to hone the skills they already have and take their acting to the next level

What do you get?

  • A comprehensive system for approaching and performing Shakespeare’s text
  • Training to help you engage emotionally with the text and present it confidently in an audition
  • Personal attention and feedback from a specialist tutor
  • A mock audition with Q&A and valuable feedback from an agent or casting director