Yeah, yeah, I know. You’re a serious actor who believes in emotional depth and honesty, blah blah blah…but…

What the hell makes something funny anyway? What makes one person funnier than another? Making someone laugh is a truly beautiful thing that taps into the core of their experience of life. But when it comes to acting and performance, making people laugh isn’t just the icing on the cake, it’s often a requirement. It’s a business transaction in which the audience is expecting you to cough up the goods. EVERY NIGHT. The writer has often written jokes deep into the action of the script. You job is to know what the true nature of the joke is, and bring the funny. Now.

In ‘Bring The Funny’ we will explore physical comedy, slapstick and clown-based humour, as well as the beginnings of short form comic improv and sketches.  We will explore the constructs that make something funny, and how to get the audience to invest in it. Actors will also have chance to explore monologues and scenes they have been working on to figure out how to find the joke and bring the funny.

Who might this appeal to?

  • Actors who think they just aren’t funny
  • Actors who think they are hugely funny but are just waiting for other people to agree with them.
  • Actors who are funny but seeking ways of controlling and using such a dangerous weapon sensibly.
  • Actors who are bored with themselves and are looking for a shake-up

What do you get?

  • A variety of explorations into comedy so that actors can find the entry point that suits them
  • A structured approach to basic comic improv that is easily understood and played within
  • An understanding of status and focus in a scene and how to make best use of it.
  • A supportive environment in which you can explore what is truthful and funny in a situation without the pressure of coming up with ‘gags’
  • Opportunity to test the work through monologue and scenes
  • Lots of laughter and new found cheekiness

2017 dates to be announced shortly