Physical theatre classes and workshops in London

Why is physical theatre so important?

Honesty is the fuel of acting, but the only tools we have to communicate with are our voice and body. One of the basic truths of physical storytelling is that if the audience didn’t see it, it never happened. To keep the audience with them and engaged, to remain watchable through the entire story, actors have to be physically clear in their intent and also consider their physical timing. Physical theatre not only meets these challenges head-on but teaches us to be more dynamic in our choices and to use the free inspiration and fuel to the performance that can be gathered from the actor’s environment.

How do classes and workshops in physical theatre better my acting skills?

Actors can find their Ker-pow! They can heighten their kinaesthetic awareness, physical language, storytelling skills, stage presence and boost their overall watchability. An actor that has command of their space will often have command of their audience, or at least a much closer relationship with them. They will be clearer, funnier, more impactful and generally more exciting to watch. All this while finding free fuel to deliver deeper truths to the audience.

Why choose physical theatre classes and workshops with the salon:collective?

Meisner and Modern Method trained Lawrence Carmichael is a specialist in bridging the gap between emotional preparation and physical storytelling. A trained and qualified fight director, Lawrence also has a vast experience in a wide range of physical disciplines and their practical application in modern scene work. Aside from acting and directing, Lawrence has been teaching performance for over 20 years throughout Australia, Europe and the UK.

Where can I take physical theatre classes and workshops in London?

Right here with the salon:collective at the Cockpit theatre in central London. Classes are run by Lawrence Carmichael who hosts a continual cycle of six-week workshops designed to bridge with each other and stand alone, including… Relationships Through Physical Play, Modern Violence on Stage and Screen, Mask and Character Work, Actor In Imaginary Environment, Physical Comedy.


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