Meisner and the:salon collective

By June 29, 2017 June 4th, 2018 Acting, Blog, Meisner, Meisner Class

Salon:wisdom is now yours to keep

In six years of working on the Meisner Technique with actors, the salon:collective has built up a treasure house of insights. We’ve identified what actors most need help to remember and what is most useful to them in their working lives. Over the next year, we’ll be sharing this salon:wisdom with you every week on this page. Whether we’re showing you the potential of the repetition exercise, looking at how to play truthful comedy or helping you get back on the runaway horse when acting feels scary, you’ll take away something to nurture you for the rest of your actor’s life. Pick up your nuggets of salon:wisdom here.

The salon:collective offers training and professional development for actors, tailored to the needs of the industry, through its programme of acting (Meisner-based), movement and voice classes in London.

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