I’m a writer. This is my first blog.

I read somewhere on the tinternet that you should never be negative in a blog or admit that you have never written a blog before…

My name is Lucy Gallagher and I’m an alcoholic (now)… and the writer of dark comedy Fats and Tanya. This IS the first blog I’ve ever written and as I sit here assessing what kind of state I’m in: head hung low, eyes drooping, seeing quadroopal… I ask myself, am I having the hereditary stroke I’ve been expecting? (father had one a few years ago – still alive, praise the lord!) … and my inner voice assures: “No, Lucy! Don’t be silly, luv! Alas, you are just absolutely cream-crackered!”

This “writing a play” malarkey is, for want of no better a phrase: b,b,b,b,ball-breaking – especially when it’s been untimely mixed in with a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants career in teaching and my never-ending battle for Mum of the Year award (a boy, he’s 7).

On a deeper personal level, I now have more grey hairs, wrinkles in progress and an extra globule tyre from tapping away in front of the computer for hours on end, and the sheer lack of exercise, AND too many spicy Indians! …TAKEAWAYS, I hasten to add. Let’s try and avoid any vicious rumours developing about Ravi Meah and I (Ravi’s the co-writer of the play and actually, he’s Bangladeshi not Indian, oh, the ignorance!) Thus, some of the effects of what has been a stressful and intense year of hard core writing are most likely permanent and irreversible. Funny enough, my fingers feel fit and healthy… every cloud! Oh, and my friends and family?… My beautiful friends and family … I’ll be back… one day… I promise… once it’s all done and dusted.

I wonder how many people are still reading the blog now? One? Two, perhaps? Jesus, I better get on to the positives quick! The POSITIVE: d-d-d-d-drum roll… what’s being created through ‘Fats and Tanya’ is pretty special. I’m not just saying that. When I first took it to Mike Elliston and Dominic Kelly at salon:lab it was a dialogue between two women – some bits funny, some sad, but not necessarily convincing. They have helped me transform it into a play, a piece of theatre with a number of messages, and an overriding message of hope –I’m currently re-writing, re-structuring, playing about with it, butchering it sometimes. Yet, it’s so different from its infancy, it’s unreal. A proper drama.

Now, I’ve got “The Bug”. The “I don’t give a shite about doing the dishes, I need to settle down and finish this masterpiece” bug. So, there. I shall continue. For all its intensity, just talking about the play in this way makes me passionate. I moan about the work I have to do, but I love this really. I love it and I foresee longevity. I’m already writing another!


  • Lovely blog and I empathise completely! But it will all be worth it in the end. You have written a wonderful play and people will fall in love with it – and you – as a result. More power to your pen (or keyboard!)….can’t wait to read the next play 🙂

  • Alanna Yeats says:

    Hi Lucy,

    Alanna here…your old Scottish friend, good luck with your writing, will keep a wee eye on your mums page and look out for more from you!
    Hope all’s well

    Love Alanna xxx

  • Nassri Tarabin says:

    Great blog Lucy, i got to the end. Nothing wrong with Indian takeaways 😉 I am following the play updates on social media. You have patience to write a formalised end to end play. I’m a rehearsed improv man myself


  • Tara Gallagher says:

    My beautiful sister Lucy.

    I am beyond proud of you for putting pen to paper (or fingertips to keyboard) and cannot wait to see your work on stage at the Camden Fringe in a few weeks time. Hope this play writing bug stays with you forever. You clearly have the knack for dark humorous writing, (and always did).

    Tiddlytots x

  • Si says:

    Saw the finished product on Friday – I laughed and was on the verge of tears over the course of the hour. Impressive stuff. Much applause for both actresses, they both had me gripped and Rekha’s heart-rending sobs just tore at my being, I won’t forget those sounds in a hurry. Glad I took a chance and saw something memorable in a venue I wouldn’t normally go to.

  • Samira says:

    Welldone! To be honest I had no clue you had written a play till today’s assembly (hides face). That’s amazing and a real inspiration to all the students and other Mums like me who just wonder how you manage to find the balance. Can’t wait to read the play!!

    Samira x

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