Gaby Santinelli, LA-based Acting and Accent Coach

How strong is your American accent and audition technique?

Gaby is an expert at getting Brits ready for US screen auditions, with her knowledge of top Tinseltown casting directors and studios.

Hollywood sets the bar high, and demands that actors bring their best, always. But you don’t need to be in LA to meet the LA standard.  Gaby offers coaching via Skype wherever you are.

Get in touch below, to hone your craft and make yourself 100% camera-ready.

Are you professionally and commercially viable?

Do you know what that means for an actor? Gaby works with clients booking real jobs on real shows. Get in touch below to learn how to hone your craft and be ready for those opportunities.

What will you get?

A funky, fun approach to training, built on years as an Olivier Award-winning singer and actress, as well as training other actors.

Gaby’s accent work and actor training go hand in hand. With an emphasis on finding your authentic voice, you’ll learn to develop a truthful character while getting your head to shut up.  After all, you can’t think your way to a great performance.

The camera doesn’t lie

It also has zero tolerance for the inauthentic. Learn how to always bring your best while working with the realities of last-minute auditions, recalls and bookings.

The trend for British actors to cross the pond

There are plenty of UK and Antipodean actors who’ve made it big in the States, most notably Damien Lewis, Michael Sheen, Andrew Lincoln, Dominic West, Alan Cumming, Anna Paquin, Ruth Wilson and Hugh Laurie.  All of these guys and gals have perfected American accents and are able to be cast as homegrown USA talent.

Why might you work with Gaby?

Audition techniques to book that job

Learn how to prepare your auditions to give casting directors what they require to send you up the line to the studio and network execs.

Nail the self-tape

Castings aren’t always about being seen in person.  Self-tape technique is a vital tool for the working actor.

Perfect your American accent

Want to play American roles? Then you’ll need a flawless American accent. Get expert advice on perfecting your General American, Southern, New York, or other Regional US Dialects, to sound like the real deal.


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