English Breakfast

Set in a not-too-distant, dystopian, post-Brexit Britain, English Breakfast explores the world of Hackney-born Shaun Wilson and his escape into an online reality game show where contestants forget about their harsh living conditions.

Breadlinebattles.com offers contestants hope of bridging the gap of class and privilege by winning cash prizes from ‘sponsors’ (the affluent few). But will this heightened reality stay within the game show or will Shaun’s yearning for escapism strike a little too close to home?

English Breakfast seeks to spark a conversation about unexplored bias within British society and explore influences and judgements around race, class, privilege and access to public services. It achieves this by excavating the legacy of migration in the UK and investigating how these issues affect marginalised communities and their presence within society.

We are currently applying to Arts Council England for support to develop this piece of work.

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About the writer

Kwabena-James Bailey is the founder of The Palace of The Dogs, a collective of artists. Currently exploring film-making, playwriting, photography, journalism and creative writing, he makes his living as a performer in theatre.

Kwabena-James grew up in Hackney, east London. He is an arts activist who cares deeply for the issues concerning those whose voices are silenced within British society. He advocates the need for those affected by racism and classism to have access to an artistic platform, as a means to express themselves in a safe and healthy environment.

Kwabena-James Bailey

Creative and Production Team:

Writer – Kwabena-James Bailey
Director – Alex Vendittelli
Dramaturg – Dominic Kelly
Script Consultant – TBC

Producer – TBC
Press – TBC


Character – TBC

English Breakfast has been developed with support gratefully received from TBC

Suitable for 16 years and above. Contains adult themes.

Headshot image credit: Sian Morgan. Banner image: Drew Taylor on Unsplash