Can’t get sad? Get angry!

By October 25, 2017 February 21st, 2018 Acting, Blog, Meisner, Meisner Class

Can’t Get Sad? Get Angry instead!

Finding sadness hard in a scene, or your training? Then why not work for rage instead?

All emotions are linked; they don’t exist as different solar systems, as we like to think. Once you feel one emotion fully, it’s is much easier to jump between them. You’ll have experienced this before. In life you’ve laughed so hard, you found yourself crying, or perhaps the opposite. Anger is a refusal to accept that you’ve actually been hurt by something, so underneath anger you will always find sadness. The angrier you get, the more you rage against what has hurt you, the stronger (and easier to simply drop into) the sadness will become. After some time and practice you should find sadness much easier to find in your acting, and you won’t need to rage in order to get it, but it’s a simple and effective route if you are struggling.

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