High intensity workshops delivering physicality, voice and storytelling technique.

Overcome your Shakespeare-fear, gain greater depth in performance and learn to bring characters to life through vocal and physical techniques, all through innovative use of the first folio.

Chose from one of the following workshops, run at regular intervals through the year. Designed for actors with minimal but some contact to classical text.

Shakespeare in Action!

Shakespeare’s characters were not designed to be forgettable! Strap yourself in and learn how to power-up your acting.

A high-energy, physically engaging workshop to drive brave performance, depth and boldness of physicality and vocal character. Create impulsive behaviour that to surprises yourself and your audience.

Shakespeare’s Clowns

Get down and dirty with Shakespeare

Shakespeare was never meant to be high art, it was entertainment for the crowd with something for everyone. Learn how to get your clown on and build gags to get over your fear that you ‘just ain’t funny’

Find Shakespeare’s comic gold and human insight with the strangest feeling you are breaking every rule there is!

Shakespeare for Free

Emotional prep? Who needs emotional prep? Shakespeare will give you more than you need!

Unlearn what you think you know about Shakespeare. Unlock the emotional honesty and connections hidden within. Gain greater depth in your access to Shakespearean text by following the nifty tricks and handy solutions you were never taught at school